Tantallon Junior Elementary

Volunteering at TJES

We love to have volunteers at TJES!

Contact your child's classroom teacher for classroom opportunities.  Volunteering opportunities are also available in our library, safe arrival program, TESPA (Tantallon Elementary Schools Parent Association), SAC, and more!

However, in order to work with students it is required that you provide us with documentation that you have an up to date Criminal Record Check with the Vulnerable Sector Search and Child Abuse Registrty Check.

Criminal Records and Vulnerable Sector Search checks are done at the police or RCMP station, or at www.mybackcheck.com.  There is a fee associated with this check.  We can provide you with a letter from the office that will entitle you to a discounted fee if you are going to the RCMP or police stations.

Please note that even if you have the Vulnerable Sectors check completed with mybackcheck.com - you still need to have the NS Child Abuse Registry Check completed.

Child Abuse Registry Checks are free by completing the form at  http://novascotia.ca/coms/families/abuse/ChildAbuseRegister.html

This can take a few weeks to come in - so give yourself lots of time.