Tantallon Junior Elementary

Student Drop Off

The safety of our students and TJES family members is our main priority at TJES.

Access to our school can be very difficult at times - expecially during inclement weather.

Vehicle access to our school is limited.

There are accessible parking spots available in our parking area.  These spaces should only be used by those who require them - even if you are doing just a quick drop off.

If your child is eligible for bussing we encourage you to have your child ride the bus to school whenever possible. 

If you need to drop off your child at school we ask that you please park on French Village Station Road and walk your child into school (even in wet weather). 

If it is necessary to drive up to our school it is very important that you follow these guidelines:

  • Drive slowly!
  • Do not enter the bus loop at TJES unless it is after 8:40am!
  • Please pull into our parking lot and find a space (there is an upper lot available).  Park your vehicle and walk your child to the crosswalk.
  • Watch the crosswalk that crosses our parking lot carefully and yield to all pedestrians.
  • Do not pull into the area by the dumpsters.  This is a blind spot for buses entering our bus loop.
  • When walking please use all paths and crosswalks between our school and TSES.  Do not cut across the bus lane.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.